Chase-Top Replacement

Your Chase-Top or “chase-pan” is your first defense in keeping water and debris out of your chimney chase structure. Generally, when your home is constructed, chase-tops will be constructed of galvanized steel. Over time, and exposure to the elements, this metal will begin to rust causing pinholes in the metal, allowing water to penetrate into the wooden chase structure. This can lead to water damage to the home, mold formation within the structure of the chase, as well as rust formation around the exterior of your fireplace shortening its lifespan and causing a potential safety risk. 

What Makes Pratt’s Chase-Tops Different? 

When we replace your chase-top, our goal is to provide a long lasting solution with minimal maintenance. Our chase-tops are constructed of 24 or 26 gauge stainless steel, allowing us to warranty against rust formation and deterioration. We ensure all of our chase-tops are equipped with crossbends to allow water to flow away from the pipe(s) venting out of the top of the chase and preventing water “pooling” on top of the chase-cover. A drip edge will then prevent the water from running down the exterior of the chimney chase. New storm collars and a high grade silicone are applied around the chimney pipe providing a seamless transition for rain to flow down the exterior of the chimney pipe and onto the chase-top without running down the pipe and into the chase. 

What To Expect

When a new chase-top is recommended, our technicians will provide you with an estimate that includes the chase pan, the storm collar, and installation. The first step our team will take is to take proper measurements. This is often completed at the time of estimation - for tougher access they may request to return with assistance to properly and safely take measurements. All chase-tops are custom made to fit your specific chimney chase and take approximately 1-2 weeks for manufacturing. Our chase tops are locally manufactured, allowing us to pick them up as they are ready and install right away. 

Our technicians will remove your existing chase pan and we will dispose of it for you. They will then visually inspect the interior of your wood chase to ensure there are no defects or concerns present. 

We will then install your new chase top, securing it to the wooden structure of the chase, install your new storm collar(s), and apply high grade silicone to ensure a water tight seal around your chimney pipe. Your chimney caps will then be reinstalled and secured. 

In the chance your chimney pipe does not extend far enough from the top of the chase so the chasetop is able to fit appropriately, our technicians may recommend extending the pipe up to the correct height.

Before Chase-Top Replacement
After Chase-Top Replacement