Firebox Repair & Rebuild

Masonry Firebox Sample

Masonry Firebox:

Masonry fireplaces are constructed with firebrick and high temp mortar to build the interior of the firebox structure. With age and use, it is normal wear and tear for the joints in the fireplace and the firebrick themselves to start to degrade. When you discover loose or deteriorated mortar joints/firebrick, or cracks greater than 1/16th of an inch in width, it should be assessed for tuckpointing, brick replacement, or rebuild. 

It is important to maintain annual inspections of your system in which your certified technician will inspect the condition of your firebox/fireplace. This may be the difference between needing to perform minor tuckpointing or brick replacement and needing to completely rebuild walls or the entirety of the firebox which can be a costly repair. 

Prefabricated Firebox: 

If you have a prefabricated fireplace, your firebox is constructed of 4 panels (floor, back, left, and right side). Each panel can be removed and replaced with either a manufacturer listed panel or a custom, cut-to fit panel. These factory built panels can crack under certain conditions. 

You may notice hairline cracks in the panels which is often caused by the heating/cooling process. The panels expand as they heat and contract as they cool. You may also notice gaping around the panel vs. the panels touching which allows for this process to occur without causing damage to the panels themselves. 

Larger cracks in your panels can be caused by impact from logs being thrown into the firebox, too large of a fire being built, causing excessive heat to be applied to the panels, or even quick cooling or “Thermal Shock” from applying water to put out a fire/embers. Once the cracks reach a width greater than 1/16th of an inch (approximately the width of a dime) it is time to have the panels inspected and recommended repair completed. 

In the instance where a manufacturer is no longer in business or the panels are no longer manufactured for your specific fireplace, we may recommend replacing with a Universal Cut-To-Fit Panel. Unfortunately, we are unable to warranty the universal panels and, should the panel fracture within a short period of time, we will most likely recommend a prefabricated fireplace replacement at that time.

Scheduling Your Fireplace Repair/Replacement:

Depending on the scope of work needed and the type of fireplace, firebox repairs can take anywhere between 30 minutes to several days to complete. Our technicians will assess and provide an estimate free of charge and, from there, determine and provide more insight into what the timeline will look like for your specific fireplace repair. Once the scope of work is agreed upon, we will request a signed copy of the proposal to be returned to the office, any materials necessary will be ordered, and we will schedule your work to be completed as soon as possible.