Chimney Cleaning & Inspection

Chimney Interior Needing CleaningIf you are unsure when the last time you had your fireplace and chimney cleaned, or if it is even necessary, don't hesitate to give our office a call! We will schedule one of our Nationally Certified Chimney Sweeps to come and assess. If cleaning is needed, they will perform the cleaning service with inspection at that time. If a cleaning is not needed at the time of your appointment, our technicians will still provide the safety inspection with camera capability, providing a full condition assessment of your fireplace and chimney.  

At Pratt’s Chimney, our goal is to provide our customers with as much education and insight into their fireplace and chimney systems as possible. By completing an annual fireplace and chimney cleaning (chimney sweep) with inspection, it allows us to ensure that the system is running efficiently and meeting safety standards for use. Our technicians are provided with an education from the CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) which is maintained to keep up with current codes, chimney physics, and industry standards. Paired with years of experience, they are able to provide a quality of workmanship and customer experience that far exceeds expectations. 

I Am Buying Or Selling A Home, Will My Home Inspection Be Enough?

Fireplaces and chimneys should be cleaned and/or inspected during the home sale process. Fireplace and chimney repairs can not only be costly, but pose a safety hazard to the new owners and the home itself if not addressed. While most home inspectors do a fantastic job of inspecting visible areas of your chimneys and fireplaces, many do not have the capability to fully assess if the systems are in good working order and up to safety standards for use. If you are new to your home, it is very important that the fireplace is cleaned and inspected prior to use. 

Chimney Interior Needing Cleaning

What Should I Expect With My Chimney Cleaning?

A “Chimney Cleaning” or “Chimney Sweep” is performed with the intention of removing soot, creosote, potential blockages, and debris from your chimney flue system. Our certified technicians clean from the fireplace/firebox, up through the damper system, smoke shelf, smoke chamber, chimney flue, and exterior chimney cap.  Drop cloths are placed in the work area, and debris from the chimney cleaning is collected and contained with our Triple Hepa Filtered Vacuums, ensuring 100 percent dust free service.

What If We Have Went Years Without Cleaning Our Fireplace?

There’s nothing to feel ashamed about! We have had plenty of customers who just learn that their fireplace chimney needed to be cleaned on a routine basis, or even at all. Others have just gotten busy and it's easy to let maintenance slip through the cracks. We can, and will, work hard to bring your system back into safe working condition. Fireplaces that have gone multiple years without service will sometimes require mechanical cleaning.